It’s the up-and coming Abura Soba restaurant produced by DARKPLOT Co., Ltd.
that runs the Shibuya-based apparel brand.

The popular brand “SKULLSHIT” is run by DARKPLOT Co., Ltd. The company has produced collaborative products with many famous artists and held an event called “SKULLMANIA” which became so popular that it got so difficult to get the tickets.

By using the owner Otaki’s borad range of personal connections he created through these experiences, he holds events and produces collaborative menus. He has a great sense of taste for his father was running a Ramen restaurant and he grew up eating delicious noodles since he was little. It’s a restaurant where you can enjoy the special Abura Soba the owner put everything into.

How to enjoy Abura Soba TETSU

Enjoy superb Abura Soba with infinite combinations of toppings and seasonings.

Choose the base Abura Soba and then your favorite toppings! Add some seasonings on the table to your Abura Soba and change it into your own favorite one.

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Enjoy the events and collaborative menus of the famous artists! All these things became possible because of the owner’s personal connections.

There are many events that you can only enjoy at this restaurant, such as a famous artist becoming a manager of the restaurant for just one day and producing collaborative menus and so on!


Enjoy looking at many of the autographs of the artists and comedians!

Many of the celebrities the owner knows come to Abura Soba TETSU. Find your favorite autographs written by them. A celebrity might be sitting right next to you!