Ramen Without Soup

Abura Soba is a Kind of Ramen Without Soup.
There is some sesame oil in the bottom of the bowl. You can also put some soy sauce-based sauce, chili oil, vinegar and so on if you like. Then mix and coat the noodles with the sauces well before you eat.

However, we should say that is the old form of Abura Soba. Now we have not only the soy sauce-based sauce but also salt-based or curry-based sauces. In addition to that, there are toppings that we didn’t have before, such as mayonnaise, cheese, natto and so on. It’s the ultimate noodle dish that keeps evolving.

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Highly Selected Noodles

“Highly Selected Noodles” Chosen by The Owner
It’s the secret recipe noodle with carefully selected ingredients and foods.

Abura Soba TETSU uses noodles that passed through the ripening process.

1 Chewy
2 Translucent
3 A texture of slight resistance will be created as noodles are boiled. etc.

After this process, the noodles become delicious and chewy that makes you want to eat it forever.



The Essence of The Taste is The Specially Made “Sauce.”
The sauce has a main role to determine its taste while it also has a supporting role that brings out the deliciousness of the noodles.
The owner had repeated trial and error since the day he opened the restaurant. The sauce got better and better and finally he made THE BEST sauce.

If it’s just the taste of the sauce that stands out, it’s not delicious Abura Soba.
However, if the taste of the sauce doesn’t stand out, it’s not delicious Abura Soba either.
The owner experimented repeatedly until he could finally make the sauce that has the perfect balance of the richness, umami, etc. Enjoy the perfect secret recipe sauce which is the soul of Abura Soba TETSU.



“Oil” The Key of Abura (oil) Soba
In order to make delicious Abura (oil) Soba (noodles), of course, the oil and the noodles must be delicious.
The taste must not be too strong while it must have richness.
However, it must have light taste at the same time.
It may sound contradictory but the owner actually made that possible and the mixed oil that he can be proud of was made.

“Oil” That Had Been Researched and Researched
For those people who had never tried Abura Soba may think, “Isn’t Abura Soba too oily?”
We really want those people to try it at Abura Soba TETSU!
They will know it’s THE BEST Abura Soba that the sauce, oil and noodles are mixed together and unified.



will dramatically change the taste of Abura Soba which is unified with oil, noodles and sauce.
You put just one topping and it will become totally different Abura Soba.
Try varieties of toppings and find your favorite combination.

Things change quickly and time flies but Abura Soba TETSU evolves at the same speed.
We get new ideas of toppings from our customers, staffs and sometimes celebrities who come to our restaurant very often. We add those new toppings to our menu every day.
We are serving the best Abura Soba we can think of at the moment. But we will continue to come up with better ones and serve you even higher level Abura Soba.

How to eat “Abura Soba”

Please read before you eat.


Pour some chili oil and vinegar while it’s still hot!

The combination of vinegar and chili oil really matches with Abura Soba.
Don’t forget to put them in. If you want to make it even spicier, cayenne pepper power on the table goes well.


Mix ASAP. Mix until all the oil and the sauce are gone

Mix well so that the noodles are all covered well with the oil in the bottom of the bowl and the sauce. Once you’ve started eating, be careful when you add some chili oil or vinegar. You might think they taste too strong.


Eat fast while it’s still hot!

Deliciousness of Abura Soba will be halved if it gets cold. Eat before it gets cold and keep mixing while you eat.


Change the flavor depending on how you feel that day.

Varieties of toppings and the spices on the table change your Abura Soba dramatically. Find your favorite Abura Soba!

Passion for Abura Soba TETSU

I was raised by the parents who were running a prospering Ramen restaurant.
I grew up watching my parents serving customers their Ramen with all their hearts. I learned both pleasure and challenges in running a restaurant as I grew up. I got my sense of taste spontaneously for my parents were particular about taste.

Since I was little, I had a feeling that I would inherit the restaurant one day. However, I’m a person with full of curiosity and who loves challenging new things. I launched my own clothing brand when I was 22.

Although it’s a different industry, I made clothes with all my heart just like my father makes a bowl of Ramen with all his heart.
I was able to make personal connections by meeting lots of people. My clothes started to be in magazines and I produced items and held events collaborating with the artists I met.

I came to a life’s turning point 3 years ago.

My father who had been working many years was getting older and said he can no longer run the restaurant.
“Is there any way we can keep running the restaurant?” I thought. Then, I decided to inherit the restaurant.

While I was busy running the apparel brand and holding events more often than I used to, I made time to train at my father’s Ramen restaurant. I trained hard until I could make the Ramen like my father used to make.

Through that experience, I found out that it is difficult but extremely enjoyable to run a restaurant. Then I decided to open my own.

After I trained at a pioneer restaurant of Abura Soba, I tried making my own sauce some hundred times until I could make the sauce that I can satisfy.
Then I could finally open Abura Soba TETSU in Hatagaya Shibuya on July 12th, 2017.

Opening the restaurant is not my goal.
I will not satisfy with my circumstance and I will keep trying my best.